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Basic Information


The Mathematics Placement Service is for new freshmen and new transfer students who have been accepted to Michigan State University.  Its purpose is to place these students into the mathematics courses that are most appropriate for them.  The Mathematics Placement Service results will not affect the status of a student's admission to Michigan State University.


To access the Mathematics Placement Service, you must first set up your MSUNet Id.

When you are ready to take the exam, you will need:

  • Your MSUNet Id and your MSUNet password.
  • A modern web browser such as version 5.5 (or better) of Internet Explorer or version 1.5 (or better) of FireFox on a computer that has full Internet access.
  • If you would like to see the mathematics in the exam displayed in the best possible way, you might have to modify your web browser.  For details, go to [Best Display].

You should complete your use of the service:

  • Within one hour.
  • Without using a calculator, books, or any other reference material.
  • Without the help of another person.

Answer each question as carefully and as correctly as you can, but DO NOT GUESS!

Dishonesty of any kind while taking this exam (including failure to follow the preceding instructions) can only result in your placement into a course in which you are extremely unlikely to succeed.

Once you submit your answers, your score will be displayed automatically on the final page of the exam.

You may use the Math Placement link on the left-hand side of this page to interpret your score as an MSU math course placement. (A link to this page is also provided on the last page of the exam.)

Use the StuInfo link on the left-hand side of this page to review your score(s) at any time. (The appearance of a new score in StuInfo could be delayed by a day or so. The duration of this delay depends on the vagaries of inter-system computer communication.)

If you would like to improve your placement, it is possible to avail yourself of the Service a second time after a four-week waiting period, and even a third time after another four-week waiting period.  (Please use the waiting period(s) to improve your mathematical skills.)  The details of each of your attempts are permanently recorded and all are available to your advisors.

Access to the MPS exam terminates with the occurrence of the earlier of the following two events (which usually coincide):

  • Your first official enrollment at MSU.
  • The start of your MSU Academic Orientation Program (AOP) session.

To guarantee that your exam results are available to your advisors, you should complete your LAST use of the service at least three (3) days before the start of your AOP session.

Other Important Issues

For more details regarding issues mentioned above, and for answers to questions about other issues related to the MPS exam, please visit our list of [Frequently Asked Questions].


A comprehensive sample of the topics addressed by the Math Placement Service, together with many practice problems, can be found in the [MSU Math Diagnostic Exam].  Anyone may view the MSU Math Diagnostic Exam; you need not be admitted to Michigan State University to do so.

If, before taking the actual Math Placement Service Exam, you would like to see a short sample of the format used by the actual exam, please visit the [MPS Exam Format Sample].  Only students eligible to take the actual exam may access the MPS Exam Format Sample.

We strongly recommend that all eligible students try the MPS Exam Format Sample before attempting the actual exam. This allows you to see the actual format of the exam, AND it provides a test of the reliability of your current internet connection.

Actual Exam

If you have your MSUNet login information and you are ready to have your placement in mathematics determined by the Mathematics Placement Service now, click [Actual Exam].

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